No up-front costs. Only pay for what you use.

How does it work?
For each event you launch, you must pledge a minimum of $50 - though there are no up-front costs.
You're charged $2 every time a customer successfully participates in the event.

Quality control built right into the platform.

Only get charged when a customer meets 3 requirements:
They must be verified by GPS to be at your business.
Their photo must be approved by a staff member of your business.
Their photo must be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter with at least 20 friends.
Run events for your business and get these results:
Net positive ROI for every campaign
Create social media buzz / brand awareness
Generate content for your business

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Can I see a demo first?

    Yes, of course. A member of our Shillster team would be happy to schedule a demo. Drop us an email and we'll arrange a time that works for you.

  • What is the payment model?

    We use a pay per use model, which we believe is much more beneficial to a business than a monthly subscription or other payment models. Many times, with other payment models, the business does not realize the full benefits versus what they are charged.

  • What is the cost?

    There are no monthly or hidden fees, just $2 per completed event per user. A completed event must satisfy theses requirements before we will charge you:
    • Customer is verified by GPS to be at your business
    • Customer is verified to have at least 20 friends to share photo with
    • The photo is approved by a staff member of your business

  • How does billing work?

    After your FREE trial ends, we will bill the first of every month, once you launch your first paid event.

  • Is there a minimum to spend?

    No. But there is a $50 minimum ‘pledge’. This means that you have to reward at least 25 qualified customers. It is possible that less than 25 customers will qualify and as a result your final charge will be less than the $50 pledge.

    We strongly suggest you pledge for much more than 25 rewards, to get the full benefits of Shillster, by allowing more customers to participate in the event.

    Remember the more customers rewarded, the more their network of family and friends will be exposed to your business!

  • Can I cancel any time?


  • How long can I use the free trial?

    The free trial is a $50 credit or 25 approved photos. The trial will end when the $50 is exhausted or the 7 day event window has expired, whichever occurs first.

  • Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

    Yes, we do require a valid credit card for all new campaigns. Don't be nervous: we will never charge your card unless you decide to run another event after the free trial ends.

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The Shillster Positive ROI Guarantee
Shillster guarantees a positive return on your marketing investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

A customer is awarded a 20% discount at your business.

The customer must spend at least $15 to redeem the discount.

Sales Formula
Sales ($15.00) - 20% Business Discount ($3.00) - Shillster Fee ($2.00) Profit ($10.00)
ROI Formula
Profit ($10.00) ÷ Shillster Fee ($2.00) 500% Minimum ROI on Ad Spend!

This equals a Market Impact Ratio of every $1 in Shillster ad spend, equals a minimum of $5.00 in sales for your business!

To achieve the Shillster GUARANTEED positive ROI money back guarantee, both conditions below must be met:
- The business discount offered must not be greater than 85%.
- The business requires at least $14 minimum customer spend.