• You create an event through the Shillster Business Console...
  • Set up a fun task for your customers using our simple web interface...
  • A customer comes to your business, with their location verified by GPS...
  • Customer takes a photo with the Shillster iOS app per your instructions...
  • Customer shows photo to a staff member of your business...
  • Staff member approves photo and awards discount...
  • Customer spends minimum amount, that you set, that same day...
  • Shillster verifies that customer has at least 20 friends to share photo with...
  • You get access to customer's uploaded photo and all the benefits listed below.

Benefits to your business

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Increase in-store traffic
  • Increase new customers via word of mouth marketing
  • Increase customer loyalty by celebrating and rewarding your customers
  • Increase website traffic SEO and Facebook Graph Search
  • Learn valuable customer data
  • Use photos for other marketing needs
  • Flexible and fair pay-per-use payment structure
  • 100% measurable and guaranteed positive ROI on marketing investment
Run events for your business and get these results:
Net positive ROI for every campaign
Create social media buzz / brand awareness
Generate content for your business

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Shillster for my business?

    92% of customers trust recommendations from their family and friends.

    Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing for your business and Shillster is the King of Word of Mouth Marketing! No one can market your business better than a satisfied customer. Not even you, the owner!

  • Why will my customers want to use Shillster?

    Your customers expect the following:
    • Customers want exciting ways to engage with your business.
    • Customers want to be celebrated. Put them in the spotlight and make them feel special, like the rock stars that they are.
    • Customers want to be part of a community, not a business slogan.

  • How is Shillster better than other marketing products?

    Shillster creates a dedicated ‘business only’ feed and puts your customer at the center of your marketing message, which will lead to much higher conversions of your desired marketing goals.

    Shillster is 100% measurable and we will guarantee a positive ROI on your Shillster investment. Do any of the other marketing products offer a guaranteed positive ROI?

    We thought so. Then stop wasting your hard earned dollars on marketing products that will not stand by and guarantee their products usefulness! #YouDeserveBetter

  • How is Shillster different from a Daily Deal Site?

    For starters, Shillster is not and does not want to be a deal site! Shillster is a marketing platform for businesses. Shillster will create a peer (customer) to peer (friend/family) marketing network for your business.

    Unlike daily deal sites, Shillster’s primary target audience are your current customers and this is why you do not have to offer over 50% discounts. These customers are your best business advocates. So while you offer your customers a loyalty program, they will market your business at the same time to their family and friends.

    Finally, most daily deals lose money (a reported 7% loss per deal) for the business and generate no long term value to the business, in the way of repeat or new customers. Shillster will guarantee a positive ROI on your Shillster marketing investment.

  • Will Shillster ‘cannibalize’ my sales from my ‘regulars’?

    Shillster will drive more sales for your business. All businesses should have some type of customer retention/loyalty program to keep your regulars coming back and Shillster is the best loyalty program out there!

  • I still have concerns that Shillster will ‘cannibalize’ my sales.

    Even though we do not believe this will be the case, you can create events on your slow times and/or use our group requirement were your customers have to bring at least 3 or more guests plus themselves.

  • Why are there set rules on the business discount, minimum customer spend and customer group size?

    Shillster was founded by a seasoned business owner, not a tech entrepreneur or marketing executive. We know from business experience that when you make something too restrictive for customers, it will severely limit their participation. We want you to get high customer participation rates, so you can gain all the many business benefits of Shillster.

  • How long do events last?

    7-30 days. A longer event time will increase your chances of selling out your event.

  • What is the redemption process?

    With Shillster there are no ‘paper trails’ to keep track off. All rewards are redeemed via a customer’s smartphone. Shillster offers redemption support for scannable (‘red laser’) or non-scanable rewards/coupons.

  • Why do customers have to redeem within 8 hours of photo submission?

    Going back to our own experience as business owners. Cash flow is King and we want you to realize the sale ASAP.

  • How do I create and manage events?

    The Shillster Business Console is your ‘brain center’. You can manage all facets of the event life cycle via your Shillster CMS account, which is accessible from a desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • How do I keep track of approved events/photos?

    The Business Console will show you how many rewards were approved by your business. Once a reward is approved by your business, it cannot be reused by the user again for that event.

  • How do I reconcile my redeemed Shillster rewards with my sales system?

    This cannot automatically be accomplished. But many of our clients just create a 'Shillster' entry in their POS system. Then they match up their POS Shillster report with their Shillster Business Console report.

  • What consumer devices will Shillter work on?

    As of now iPhone 4 or above running iOS 6. But we will be rolling out support for other devices soon!

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The Shillster Positive ROI Guarantee
Shillster guarantees a positive return on your marketing investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

A customer is awarded a 20% discount at your business.

The customer must spend at least $15 to redeem the discount.

Sales Formula
Sales ($15.00) - 20% Business Discount ($3.00) - Shillster Fee ($2.00) Profit ($10.00)
ROI Formula
Profit ($10.00) ÷ Shillster Fee ($2.00) 500% Minimum ROI on Ad Spend!

This equals a Market Impact Ratio of every $1 in Shillster ad spend, equals a minimum of $5.00 in sales for your business!

To achieve the Shillster GUARANTEED positive ROI money back guarantee, both conditions below must be met:
- The business discount offered must not be greater than 85%.
- The business requires at least $14 minimum customer spend.