Designed by a business owner for businesses.

Michael Tracy
Founder & CEO

Michael is the CEO and Founder of Shillster and has many years of technology and business owner experience. Michael understands the ‘pain points’ of business owners because he owned and operated a bar called Katwalk in NYC for over 8 years. Michael tried every known and not so known digital marketing product to help increase the sales and exposure of his business. Because of his technology background and inquisitive nature, he knew very well the positive and negatives of all these marketing products.

With this rare combination of technology and business owner ‘real life’ experience, Shillster was born. He believes Shillster will disrupt and revolutionize the way businesses market on social media networks. Michael believes customers can do a much better job marketing a business than even the owner of a business.

Michael has earned The NATO Medal and United States Military Coin of Excellence for his service to his country as a civilian Tele Communications Specialist. He was also a Vice President of Technology at Lehman Brothers, Inc. and holds a patent for an eyewear accessory product. Michael was also featured on CNN Money and Head Line News TV piece, which highlighted his business owner success at Katwalk.

Unlike most marketing products that are created by computer graduates or marketing executives with zero business owner experience, Shillster was developed by a seasoned business owner who fully understands what business owners need to increase their bottom line.

Jeff Russo
Web Engineer

Jeff graduated from Scranton University in 2011 with a Computer Science degree and started working for a fortune 50 company. Here he did mostly database work, purging about 50% of the data and cutting web response times by over 60%. His specialties include database design and backend coding.

Jeff likes to hike, drive, lift, or work on side coding projects in his free time.

Nick Heckman
iOS Developer

Nick began programming at a young age, making independent video games for the PC. Later in life this took him to sunny Orlando, Florida where he attended Full Sail University to hone his craft, and has since started releasing more games for the XBox, PC, and mobile markets.

Now he uses his knowledge of video games and programming to help create fun and exciting mobile apps.

Graydon Speace

Graydon is a designer with a background in advertising and illustration. He loves creating custom assets, obsessing over details, and developing brand identity.

In his free time, Graydon can be found designing rock posters, drawing comics, and thrashing on the drums for the legendary rock band, Coal Cracker.

Noelle Dunphy
Sales Manager

For more than ten years, Noelle Dunphy has successfully managed marketing, sales, corporate communications, websites and PR for both public and private companies in industries including: technology, finance, transit, travel, tourism, luxury goods, concierge services, real estate, the arts and private aviation.  She exemplifies a positive attitude, strong work ethic, efficiency and effectiveness.

Noelle graduated from Columbia College in New York, NY and volunteers with the Alumni Association as a College Interviewer.

She created her first Internet company at age 18 as a freshman at Columbia University.

Angela McManamon

Ang has been in digital sales for over 14 years. Her background includes pounding the pavement selling digital ads to local businesses, managing high transactional inside and outside sales teams, launching a business in London and flying cross-country to train and pitch high-end luxury brands. She is a fierce competitor and is constantly seeking out ways to help small businesses increase sales. Angela is currently the Head of New Market Sales for Amazon Local. When she is not managing a sales team she is playing softball, football or trying a new popular restaurant.


Made with a little help from friends

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant business membership organization comprised of a cross section of 10,000 business members and subscribers ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations and multi-national firms. Shillster proudly joins the MCC in pushing forward Manhattan as a great place to do business.

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The Shillster Positive ROI Guarantee
Shillster guarantees a positive return on your marketing investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

A customer is awarded a 20% discount at your business.

The customer must spend at least $15 to redeem the discount.

Sales Formula
Sales ($15.00) - 20% Business Discount ($3.00) - Shillster Fee ($2.00) Profit ($10.00)
ROI Formula
Profit ($10.00) ÷ Shillster Fee ($2.00) 500% Minimum ROI on Ad Spend!

This equals a Market Impact Ratio of every $1 in Shillster ad spend, equals a minimum of $5.00 in sales for your business!

To achieve the Shillster GUARANTEED positive ROI money back guarantee, both conditions below must be met:
- The business discount offered must not be greater than 85%.
- The business requires at least $14 minimum customer spend.