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Shillster is a social marketing platform that enables businesses to create and distribute their marketing message via their customers.

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The Shillster Difference

Do any of your marketing products offer you:
• Guaranteed positive ROI?
• Customer must give you something BEFORE they get something?
• Marketing company has 3 hurdles to achieve BEFORE they bill you?

Shillster does. Try it out now and see the benefits!

Run events for your business and get these results:
Net positive ROI for every campaign
Create social media buzz / brand awareness
Generate content for your business

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The Shillster Positive ROI Guarantee
Shillster guarantees a positive return on your marketing investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

A customer is awarded a 20% discount at your business.

The customer must spend at least $15 to redeem the discount.

Sales Formula
Sales ($15.00) - 20% Business Discount ($3.00) - Shillster Fee ($2.00) Profit ($10.00)
ROI Formula
Profit ($10.00) ÷ Shillster Fee ($2.00) 500% Minimum ROI on Ad Spend!

This equals a Market Impact Ratio of every $1 in Shillster ad spend, equals a minimum of $5.00 in sales for your business!

To achieve the Shillster GUARANTEED positive ROI money back guarantee, both conditions below must be met:
- The business discount offered must not be greater than 85%.
- The business requires at least $14 minimum customer spend.